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’There is in fact something obscene and sinister about photography, a desire to imprison, to incorporate, a sexual intensity of pursuit.’
― William S. Burroughs  


I've chosen to start with this quote as I feel it really sums up my approach to photography, art and life in general. Before starting to plan a new project, there needs to be an urge impossible to repress, an equivalent of an inner fire that can only be extinguished once the project has reached its completion.


With every portrait I take, I am worshiping the subject. It feels like a Pas de Deux (a dance duet), or an intimate  conversation that only two of us can understand. I look at my subjects  with all my love and admiration through the lens. I also try to see a part of myself in them, recognise the secret fears or hopes that we might share; there are so many things that can be read on a person's face.


With my commitment to art and photography, I've undertaken a life long journey of learning and observing, and I look forward to discovering many new faces, many new subjects, and many new ways in which light and darkness can draw on this mystery that is human kind.


In my photographic work, I tend to explore nostalgic instances of what appears to be a distant past, where reality is built from memory and fantasy. Human presence, in the desolate spaces I choose as my scenery, is still as the life that surrounds it, silent and almost ghostly. Time has been somehow suspended, and only certain details, like a strand of hair or a hand reaching out, may remind of a world that is rather present than faded, rather an intended reality than an unconscious dream.

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