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My practice draws on the legacy of the American artist Joseph Cornell, an exponent of assemblage.


Cornell's most characteristic art works were boxed assemblages created from found objects. I have taken this artistic process a step beyond and applied it to found objects such as glass vases and old chairs.


Like Cornell, who created poetry from the commonplace, my works evoke a sense of nostalgia. Taking discarded but once treasured objects I reshape them and inject into them a sense of lost narrative and personal histories, so that the viewer can only conjecture about whom the former owners of these items might have been, and begin to place their own precarious sense of meaning onto the compositions.

In every work I create, I put all I have inside. Every piece tells a story, and it is the result of a very specific feeling. All of them are unique pieces created in a time of internal burning. I find no sense in creating a piece without having a strong sickening need to do so. My pieces are made of fire.

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